Our Holiday Gift Guide: The Joy-Bringing Present for Every Lady on Your List

Christmas is coming and with most of us in borderline quarantine, how do you find the perfect present that the lady in your life will love (and actually use)? A present that feels thoughtful and not at all thrown together? We’ve put together a Maison Jouvence Gift Guide to help you check off all the beautiful ladies on your list with gorgeous, memorable goodies they’ll be thankful for!


The Working from Home Exec

Beautify and organize her space with a Lady O’ Lux Marble Jar in the color of your choosing. She’ll be more productive, more organized, and overall happier when surrounded by opulent objects that also keep her office accessories neat and tidy. To complete your gift, throw in a string of fairy lights and add a magical fairyland vibe to her workspace.

The ‘Needs to Relax’ Gal

Coax your overworked bestie into finally relaxing with an at-home spa experience. Start with one of our clean soy-blend, hand-poured Scented Candles to set the mood, throw in a voucher for Skip the Dishes so she can forego the cooking, and top it off with a happily pointless novel she can read while indulging in her favorite delivered treats.

The Bath Lover

Take her favorite pastime up a notch by setting a scene of calm and relaxation: start with her favorite Scented Soy-Blend Candle for ambience, add in a luxurious bath tea or bath bomb, and finish with an indulgent face mask to use post-bath.

Tip for picking the perfect scent: think about what brings her joy – is it a sugary confection, a delicious glass of spiced apple cider, her beloved pumpkin spice latte, or time spent outdoors? Let her happy place guide you to the scent that’ll transport her to instant joy.


The Tea Drinkers & Coffee Lovers

Elevate her morning ritual with a gorgeous Lady O’ Lux Marble Mug complete with a seriously #extra golden teaspoon and a lid to keep her pick-me-up warm and free of debris. Throw in some exotic tea bags or a cacao coffee mixture of your choice! And if you want to truly treat her, pick up our Lady O’ Gift Bundle which includes a Marble Mug + Gold-Leaf Marble Jar to store her favorite teas and coffee in style.

The Beauty Maven

For the girl that has 10 different eyeshadow blending brushes, gift her a Lady O’ Lux Marble Jar to hold her beauty tools aplenty in the most aesthetic way. It’ll make her vanity look gorg and will keep her beauty obsession neat and tidy. She’ll silently thank you every time she easily finds that winged liner brush.

If you’re feeling like spoiling her, add in a few of those gorgeous new brushes she’s been eyeing on Instagram!

The Xmas-Obsessed Sprite

We all have that one friend who puts up her tree in October and plays Xmas music all year round! Bring her the holidays every day with a Festive Scented Candle she can light whenever she wants some Christmas delight.

With seven festive scents to choose from, you can take her back to the happy days of cookie baking, tree trimming, and mistletoe moments with just the quick light of a clean-burning wick.


The Stylish Organizational Guru

Honestly, watch one episode of the Home Edit on Netflix, and you’ll be this girl instantly. It’s so satisfying to not only organize your life but to make it look ridiculously aesthetic while you’re at it. Our Lady O’ Lux Marble Jars can be used in so many ways to add a dose of glam and a sprinkle of order to her home, and there’s a hue for everyone!

Read our blog ‘10 Ways to Use Our Marble Jars’ and share some of these tips with your giftee to really show your thoughtfulness.

The Non-Toxic Green Goddess

For the ingredient-savvy ladies in your life, show your love with a plethora of good-for-you, non-toxic indulgences. And the one thing she probably hasn’t found a clean version of yet? Candles! Our clean burning Hand-Poured Candles are completely non-toxic with none of the questionable fragrance additives found in most scented candles. So, she can go back to enjoying delicious scents without worrying about what she’s breathing in.



We hope this Gift Guide helped you check some ladies off your list (or gave you an idea of what you want to find under the tree)!

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