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I'm Odette and I am a passionate wellness an self-care advocate!

I have been working in the airline industry for the past 16yrs.

I had a very busy lifestyle managing large employee groups, traveling, meetings and conferences non-stop. I was one of those people you've probably seen walking around with 5 different phones, one glued to my ear, another to my hands, and the others ringing! Hectic! Hectic! Hectic!

That type of lifestyle started taking a toll on me, physically and mentally, so I made the decision to slow down. As I took time off for myself, I realized there were many others like me and they needed "saving."

I am the owner of Maison Jouvence (yeah it's French!)

Maison means House/Home in French and Jouvence means Youth. My mission with Maison Jouvence is to remind busy professionals and entrepreneurs to stop the rat race and take time for themselves.

A scheduled "ME TIME" in your busy schedule will go a lonnnnggg way!! Stop and smell the roses! Believe me, you will be more productive! You will look better and feel happier.

Thank me later!

Odette Aurora Shirley

Our Story

Maison Jouvence mission is to bring to you natural, organic wellness products and beautiful luxury items for your home.

Whether you work from home, an office, are a stay-at-home parent, a corporate executive or a business owner, your journey is rigorous and demanding. Therefore, you must remember to take care of yourself...Mind, Body & Soul!

Our goal is to bring to you the joy of a guilt-free self-care experience.

Contact us: info@maisonjouvence.com

- The team at Maison Jouvence.

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