On this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, remind your mom of the importance of self-care.
For the woman who is always taking care of everyone else - remind her to pause and be a little selfish. She deserves to feel like the queen she is!

Maison Jouvence curated this ultimate Mother’s Day self-care gift box!
Every item in the box has been carefully selected and put together to help your mom celebrate Mother’s Day by relaxing and practicing self-care.

This personalized 6 piece set comes wrapped in a white box with gold ribbon💝

The box includes:

1 Lady O gold marble mug - PINK or WHITE / or 1 "Queen od Everything" mug - Pink, White or Blue

1 9oz candle
R&R (Lavender + Chamomile) OR
PEACEFUL (White tea + Sage)

1 jar of New Maison Jouvence organic loose leaf tea:
(Each jar contains 2 servings)

1 heart-shaped tea strainer

1 eye mask

• 1 Pink quartz Palo Santo & Lavender & stick

Mother's Day Relaxation Gift Box

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