10 Ways to Use Our Marble Gold Leaf Jars

Abeautiful space is a happy place. When you surround yourself with treasures that stir up your soul, you create a home that feels like YOU, that reflects your style, and brings a sense of calm amidst the chaos.

We created our Lady O Lux Marble Gold Leaf Jars as treasured tokens, to hold and encase your favorite objects, and to add some sparkle and style to your surroundings. Choose from dramatic dark green, sultry black, light and bright white, or rosé-hued light pink!

Whether you’re gifting yourself or treating someone else, let’s bring more unapologetic glam into this world. Keep reading for all the ways to use our jars as talismans of your taste and organizers of your life.

1. To Hold Makeup Brushes

We love using our beauty routines as a moment for ourselves – to create small rituals that take us out of the everyday hustle and bring us back to the present moment. To enhance those sacred moments, create a dedicated space for your collection and (if you have the room), allot a beauty spot filled with objects that bring you calm and make you smile.

Use your Marble Gold Leaf Jar to add some glitz to your beauty space + organize your favorite tools while you’re at it! Toss in your favorite makeup brushes and tools to keep them clean, organized, and looking their most fabulous.

2. To Hold Mascara, Eyeliner, and Brow Pencils

Keep those tall, slim beauty products all together where you can see them. We love the idea of sorting beauty products according to type – it’s so much easier to find all your options. Plus, you actually end up USING all the products you splurged on since you can see them. Our marble gold leaf jars make your space look gorgeous and they bring more calm-inducing order into your life.

3. To Hold Jewelry

How deliciously royal does it look to have strands of pearls and layered golden chains cascading out of a luxe gold marble jar? It feels seriously #extra and we’re so here for it! Create a little shrine to your jewels and make any piece look priceless with an opulent jar to store them in.

4. To Hold Pens & Pencils

Forget those sad plastic holders (or coffee mugs) as pen and pencil holders. Upgrade your office space with accessories that not only organize your office supplies, but look ridiculously glam. While you’re busy typing away, you can look over at your stunning gold leaf jar and feel a burst of glamour-induced happiness.

5. To Hold Treats & Candies

Have you ever tried those deliciously luxe prosecco gummies? These jars are the perfect place to stash some of those (or any favorite treat) for when you’re need a pick-me-up or a sugar burst. Non-see through and lidded on purpose so your kids and partner can’t raid your secret supply!

6. As a Mini Vase

Don’t you just love the look of short-trimmed wildflowers? Not only do they smell delicious, but fresh flowers somehow lift the mood and create a sense of calm. Add in a gold-encrusted marble vase and the effect is multiplied. And don’t wait for a man to bring you flowers - treat yourself sister!

This is a great gift idea for your fellow ladies – the short-term joy of flowers and the long-term joy of a jar they can reuse in so many different ways. The gift that keeps on giving!

7. As a Candle Holder

Whether you make your own candles or have found a loose candle you love, these jars are the perfect place to house them! Heat-safe and glitteringly gorgeous, it’s the ideal candle companion.  

8. Christmas Gifts

An easy and infallible present for any lady in your life – pick their favorite color and put some gold-leaf goodness under their tree! Or check out our Lady O’ Gift Bundle which includes a Lady O Lux Marble Jar + Lady O lux Marble Mug complete with gleaming gold stir spoon – treat them double or choose ‘one for you, and one for me’!

9. Pure Decoration

For all you ladies that simply love a gorgeous jar and don’t have any specific use for it – lady, you don’t need a reason! Buy things you love that make you happy and don’t apologize for it!

10. For Cotton Pads, Reusable Makeup Pads, or Q-Tips 

Nobody likes a plastic bag of cotton pads/rounds out in the open, yet we need them ALL the time for toners and makeup remover, so they need to be accessible. Use our marble gold leaf jars to store your cotton pads (or reusable cotton rounds - girl, good for you) in style. Plus, every jar comes with a gorg wooden sealable lid so no dust gets near your face care tools!

How do you use your Maison Jouvence jars?  Click below to shop the Lady O Gift Bundle to put your jars to use!

Share in the comments below and as always, tag us on IG so we can see how you style and use your Maison Jouvence goodies!

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